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# To list every process on the system:
ps aux

# To list a process tree:
ps axjf

# To list every process owned by foouser:
ps -aufoouser

# To list every process with a user-defined format:
ps -eo pid,user,command

# Exclude grep from your grepped output of ps.
# Add [] to the first letter. Ex: sshd -> [s]shd
ps aux | grep '[h]ttpd'

# ps
# Information about running processes.
# More information: <https://manned.org/ps>.

# List all running processes:
ps aux

# List all running processes including the full command string:
ps auxww

# Search for a process that matches a string:
ps aux | grep string

# List all processes of the current user in extra full format:
ps --user $(id -u) -F

# List all processes of the current user as a tree:
ps --user $(id -u) f

# Get the parent PID of a process:
ps -o ppid= -p pid

# Sort processes by memory consumption:
ps --sort size

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